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Fiyin Koko Tunde-Onadele (1994) is a multidisciplinary artist and sculptor whose work is inspired by all facets of womanism and her vivid dreams. Fiyin Koko expresses feminine resilience in a whimsical, often humorous and genial style. Grounded in six guiding pillars—womanism, conversation, body positivity, movement, love, and femininity—she constantly seeks to interpret these pillars in everyday life, seamlessly blending the essence of fantasy, ‘artivism,’ and her dreams to weave captivating narratives.

Artist Statement

My deep love for creation knows no bounds, as I eagerly explore various materials that come into my hands, ranging from clay to paint, digital design to photography. With every medium, there is an element of surprise with my work, allowing me to embrace diversity and express my artistic vision without limitations. My work still remains cohesive, celebrating the unique qualities of each material while forging connections between them.

Interactions with women serve as a constant wellspring of inspiration for me. Growing up, I noticed the absence of female representation in art, prompting me to make them the focal point of my creations. They emerge mostly as heroines, alleviating them from societal burdens and voyeuristic depiction.Through my art, I strive to rectify the imbalance and give voice to our experiences, showcasing our multifaceted nature, embodying strength, resilience, and the rich complexity of their emotions.

Drawing from my Nigerian heritage and the nostalgia evoked by my upbringing, I merge these realities with the very vivid dreams that grace my nights. Often enveloped in strong shades of blue or imbued with a subtle blue tint, my dreams become a source of inspiration with the colors I employ.

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